5 Seasonal Items You Can Keep in Portable Storage

On-site storage, we’ve got you covered

When you run a business, it’s essential to remain organized. The last thing you need is the stress of an overcrowded store, a messy backroom or the lack of space to keep your tools. Nonetheless, for seasonal items you don’t use every day, consider portable storage.

The Box Portable Storage makes keeping organized easy. First of all, we bring the container to you. Pack it up, and when you’re done, we can either take it back to one of our storage facilities in Greeley or Broomfield, or you can keep it at a location of your choice. Either way, you can access the storage container filled with your things as often as you’d like. When you’re done using it, we’ll pick it up too.

Whether you’re moving, storing extra inventory, stashing away seasonal items or locking up tools on a job-site, our goal is to make things more convenient for you.

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We currently offer two different sized containers: an 8’ x 16’ unit and an 8’ x 20’ unit. Both are made from high-quality steel with straps inside to help keep your things in place. They also have high-grade locks that only you’ll have the keys to.

If you’re in need of a space that’s safe and convenient, request a free quote by giving The Box Portable Storage a call at (970) 800-3807 or fill out our online form. Someone from our local customer service team will be in touch within 24 hours to answer any questions you may have about sizing, cost or  the items you’d like to store.

If you need some ideas, here are five types of seasonal items you can keep in portable storage to save space and keep organized.

1. Holiday Decorations

Christmas trees, wreaths, ornaments and more can get expensive. So when the winter holiday season ends, save your decor and keep it safe for the following year in a portable storage container. In fact, store all of your holiday decorations in a container — from Thanksgiving foliage to Halloween ghosts to Fourth of July streamers, you can store it all and more.

2. Window Displays

Different seasons call for different window displays. Whether you own a clothing boutique, bridal shop, bookstore, bakery or another type of retail store, you can keep your seasonal display items tucked away in a storage container. Then, take them out when you need to refresh your windows. Think: Mannequins, decorations and more.

3. Excess Inventory

Many clothing retailers order apparel and accessories for the seasons far ahead. But, that obviously doesn’t mean winter clothing is sold during summer and spring clothing is sold in the fall. You can keep your upcoming inventory in portable storage so when you’re ready to put it on the racks, it’s ready. And, for any leftover inventory, you can keep it safely stored away.

4. Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor dining is more popular than ever, but when the snow falls, keep your additional tables and chairs stored away in a portable storage container. If you’ve invested in heaters, you can store those away too and have peace of mind that they’ll be kept safe and secure until you’re ready to pull them out again.

5. Seasonal Outdoor Equipment

Do you have a seasonal business like landscaping, asphalt paving or snow plowing? Keep your gear safe in the off months in a portable storage container. From lawn mowers, snow plows and snow tires to smaller items like rakes, shovels and leaf blowers, you can fit a lot in the larger sized containers (which measure 8’ x 20’).

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