The Best Desserts In The Broomfield and Greeley Areas

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You should always save room at dinnertime for dessert, especially when one of these desserts are on the table. These are the best cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate bombs, and popcorn from shops across the Greeley, Colorado and Broomfield, Colorado areas.

But, of course, we can’t talk about local sweet treats without mentioning cinnamon chews. According to the Greeley Tribune, the Greeley-favorite candy seems to have originated at Peters Pop Corn, whose owners passed on the recipe to Tropical Sno, which is now part of Jenny’s Malt Shop. The gourmet cinnamon chews practically melt in your mouth, but if cinnamon isn’t your preferred flavor, Jenny’s offers new flavors weekly.

In addition to cinnamon chews, there are loads of dessert options in Greeley and Broomfield made with love at local shops, and these are just a few of our favorites.

1. Sopapilla Cupcake at Batter Up Cakes

Photo by Batter Up Cakes Photo by Batter Up Cakes

Location: 802 9th St. (Lower Level), Greeley, CO, 80631

Batter Up Cakes was voted the best bakery in Greeley by the Greeley Tribune three times. It makes cakes and cupcakes, and is known for some of its incredible gourmet cupcake flavors like lemon poppy seed, Nutella, turtle, strawberry swirl and a standout, the sopapilla. A sopapilla is a fried Spanish dough and this cupcake flavor is inspired by its sweetness.

2. Milk Chocolate Chip Cookie at Crumbl Cookies

Photo by @crumblcookies via InstagramPhoto by @crumblcookies via Instagram

Location: 4421 Centerplace Dr Unit B, Greeley, CO 80634

If you’re looking for a classic chocolate chip cookie, you can trust Crumbl Cookies knows how to make them. The small national chain is popular in Greeley for serving cookies topped with a thick piping of icing. However, it’s milk chocolate chip cookies are available daily and make for a great afternoon snack or a special birthday treat.

3. Hot Chocolate Bombs at The Dessert Stand

Photo by The Dessert StandPhoto by The Dessert Stand

Location: 8393 Church Ranch Blvd, Westminster, CO 80021

Hot chocolate bombs went viral in 2020 on social media for a reason. They’re hardened chocolate in the shape of a sphere, filled with powdered hot chocolate and marshmallows. Drop one in a cup of steaming warm milk and watch as the chocolate melts and marshmallows float to the top. The Dessert Stand makes them in several flavors including chocolate cake, white chocolate, creme de menthe, chocolate strawberry and more. Get them in a 2-pack or 3-pack, and feel free to mix and match your flavors.

4. Van Sickle Bonfire Cocktail at 477 Distillery

Photo by @477_distilling on Instagram Photo by @477_distilling on Instagram

Location: 825 9th St unit b, Greeley, CO 80631

If you prefer to drink your dessert, the 477 Distillery has a list of sweet cocktails that make a great night cap. The Van Sickle Bonfire is by far the most impressive, however. It’s made with vodka, toasted marshmallow and chocolate syrups, heavy cream and is topped with a flaming marshmallow. Blow it out, take a sip and make sure you have a designated driver, because you might want more than one of these.

5. Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake at The Enchanted Oven

Photo by @the_enchanted_oven_bakery on InstagramPhoto by @the_enchanted_oven_bakery on Instagram

Location: 520 Zang Street, Suite M, Broomfield CO 80021

The Enchanted Oven specializes in Japanese baked goods, including cakes, pastries, sweet buns (custard buns and cookie buns), savory buns (steamed pork buns and curry buns). However, its popular jiggly cheesecake is a highlight on the menu. Jiggly cheesecake, also called Japanese cheesecake, has an almost soufflé-like texture that’s super fluffy and ultimately, jiggles to the touch. Get a slice or a whole cake.

6. People’s Choice Popcorn at Mom’s Popcorn 

Photo by Mom’s Popcorn Photo by Mom’s Popcorn

Location: 916 9th Avenue Greeley, CO 80631

Mom’s Popcorn makes over 20 various popcorn flavors. However, the People’s Choice Popcorn combines three favorites — caramel corn, cheddar popcorn and classic salted popcorn — for a sweet and salty treat. You know those big tins of popcorn that are often gifted around the holidays? Well, this is like that, but with all of the flavors in one bag and yes, it is delicious. Mom’s Popcorn also makes popcorn cake and popcorn bars if you can’t get enough.

7. Mc2 Ice Cream at Arista Deli & Coffee

Photo by @mc2icecream via Instagram Photo by @mc2icecream via Instagram

Location: 8001 Arista Place, Suite #125, Broomfield, CO 80021

Mc2 Ice Cream has a mobile truck that broke a record in 2011 for the most ice cream flavors displayed at once (985!). You can find some of its famous flavors served in cones, cups and sold by the pint at Arista Deli & Coffee in Broomfield. You’ll have to call for the flavors that are currently available, as they change often. But most recently, the shop featured apple crisp, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake and vegan mint chocolate chip.

So try one or try all of these desserts from the Greeley and Broomfield areas. As a locally owned and operated business, The Box Portable Storage plans to continue to support other local businesses, whether that’s by eating sweet treats or providing portable storage solutions for excess inventory, seasonal decorations and more.

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