How to Use Portable Storage for Decluttering Your Home

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Decluttering your home can be a bit daunting, but once you’re finished, you’ll be glad you did it. Most experts advise you to start organizing room by room, sorting out the things you use daily and the things you can donate, sell, recycle or trash.

However, if you have excess things you just can’t get rid of, but don’t exactly have room for, there’s a solution: portable storage.

The Box Portable Storage offers short- and long-term storage in the Broomfield and Greeley areas. And it’s easy! We drop off a portable storage container and you fill it up. Then, we pick it back up when you’re done and store it at our facility, or another location of your choosing. When you want your things, we’ll bring the storage container back to you for unloading.

Box 16ft with mule 2 (3).jpgThere are all kinds of things you can store in a portable storage container. But if you’re having trouble sorting your things, The Minimalists (as seen on Netflix) have a 90/90 rule that may give you some ideas. They advise you to ask yourself if you’ve used an item in the last 90 days or if you will use it in the 90 days to come. However, the actual number of days is flexible — say a year. Whatever you won’t use, toss it. And we say, whatever you will use but don’t have room for, store it.

If you’re interested in using a portable storage container to declutter your home, fill out our online request form or give us a call at 970-800-3807. Someone from our local customer service team will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours via email or by phone.

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In the meantime, check out this checklist of the things you can put in portable storage to make your home more organized.

1. Lawn Equipment

Photo by Andrew Coop on UnsplashPhoto by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

You probably won’t be mowing your lawn or raking the leaves come winter time. Free up the extra space in your garage by moving your lawn equipment until the temperatures rise again.

2. Tools

OK, keep your screwdrivers, pliers and drill at home nearby. But put the tools you don’t use everyday, like a pressure washer, table saw or extra tall ladder, away until you need them.

3. Holiday Decorations

Photo by Andrew Coop on UnsplashPhoto by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

Buying new holiday decorations every year can get expensive. So, put your lights, your Christmas tree or your Halloween skeletons away for safekeeping until the next celebration rolls around.

4. Grill

Cover your grill and store it away until the snow is done falling. While you’re at it, you could probably store other large cooking equipment you don’t use often, like the KitchenAid Mixer you only use at Christmas or the big roasting pans from Thanksgiving.

5. Furniture

If you’re downsizing, but not forever, don’t get rid of all of your furniture. Some day, you’ll be glad you kept that comfy chair or that expensive hand-painted dresser.

6. Seasonal Clothing

Photo by Andrew Coop on UnsplashPhoto by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

Not every home is blessed with endless closet space. Store winter coats, sweaters and boots in space bags until they’re needed — same goes for sandals, shorts and sundresses.

7. Kids’ items

If you’ve saved all of your kids’ projects from grade school, their old soccer uniforms, favorite toys, old photo albums and home videos, you probably don’t need them right now. But, they’ll be thankful you saved it all for them when they’re grown and want to reminisce.

This list is not exhaustive of the things you can put in portable storage, but rather is meant to get you started. Just think though, the sooner you start decluttering your home, the better you’ll start to feel.

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