10 Fun Family Things to Do in Greeley, Colorado

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Whether you’ve lived in Greeley, Colorado all your life or you’ve recently moved here, you probably know that it’s a great town. From the local businesses and the people who run them, to the many parks and its history — there’s a lot that makes us happy to live and operate our own business in Greeley.

The Box Portable Storage launched in 2020 as a way to support those in the area who needed a hand. Businesses can use our portable storage containers for seasonal storage and extra inventory. Or, if you’re moving, or have another reason you need storage, we’re here to help you too. Our Greeley location is located at 2808 1st Avenue (we have another location in Broomfield) and provides portable storage delivery within 60 miles of town.

Hopefully you’re like us and plan to stay here for a while. And if you ever need a reminder of why our town is so great, check out these 10 things to do in Greeley.

1. Explore Downtown Greeley

The downtown area is where everyone comes together, day or night. Head on down and have a drink at Patrick’s Irish Pub, shop for clothes at Blush or have a treat at Mom’s Popcorn. Check out Downtown Greeley’s website for a full business directory and see upcoming events.

2. Go For a Hike at Pawnee National Grassland

Photo by Hannah Hancock on UnsplashPhoto by Hannah Hancock on Unsplash

While it’s not exactly in Greeley, the Pawnee National Grassland is only 25 miles north. Head on up there and have yourself a weekend camping trip or go for the day and have a picnic and a hike. It’s especially great to see the views in the spring when the wildflowers bloom.

3. Have a Drink at a Local Brewery or Distillery

Photo by Gonzalo Remy on UnsplashPhoto by Gonzalo Remy on Unsplash

There are plenty of breweries to choose from in Greeley, but a couple that you need to check out if you haven’t are WeldWorks Brewery and Crabtree Brewing Company and Wiley Roots Brewing Company. All three are currently offering beer-to-go options, so if you can’t get a seat inside the taphouse, you can take a brew with you on that picnic at Pawnee.

If spirits are more your thing, make sure to check out 477 Distilling in downtown Greeley. The drinks in their tasting room are out of this world, but they also offer to-go drinks for small gatherings.

4. Go Ice Skating at Greeley Ice Haus

Lace up your ice skates! Greeley Ice Haus has open public skates for amateurs and pros alike. Simply book a time slot, choose a friend or two to go with and show off your skills. It costs $6 to skate ($3 for skate rentals) or $20 for a monthly pass if you plan to go more than four times in 30 days.

5. Have a Cup of Coffee at The Blue Mug Coffee Bar

Relax and have a cup of joe at Blue Mug Coffee Bar. Other than a classic cup of coffee, the shop does specialty espresso beverages like the Twisted Turtle with English toffee, caramel and chocolate. Or, try the Royal Mug with lavender, vanilla and honey flavors mixed in. These flavors are also available as frozen mudslides if you’re more the iced coffee-type.

6. Go For a Walk in Glenmere Park

Photo by PixabayPhoto by Pixabay

If you’re going to visit one park, make it Glenmere Park. It’s rich with history and foliage. According to the Greeley Tribune, the Glenmere Park Association originally set out to build a steam-generating electric plant there in 1908. But, the plan failed. Instead, the association members, who had a hankering for gardening, decided to turn the area into a park.

The trees were all donated and planted in 1932, and each donor got to choose the type of tree. And still, on a map of the park, each tree is marked with the donor’s name. It’s a beautiful break from the town and a simple walk can put you at peace.

7. Eat Cinnamon Chews at Jenny’s Malt Shop

Photo by Jenny’s Malt ShopPhoto by Jenny’s Malt Shop

Cinnamon chews are a classic Greeley treat. According to the Greeley Tribune, the Greeley-favorite candy seems to have originated at Peters Pop Corn, whose owners passed on the recipe to Tropical Sno, which is now part of Jenny’s Malt Shop. The gourmet cinnamon chews practically melt in your mouth, but if cinnamon isn’t your preferred flavor, Jenny’s offers new flavors weekly. 

8. See a Movie at Kress Cinema & Lounge

Of course, the pandemic has limited a lot of the things we can do, including going to a movie theater. While some cinemas are back up and running, a favorite cocktail bar and theater in the town, Kress Cinema & Lounge, has plans to open again soon in 2021. And when it does, you don’t want to miss it.

9. Visit the Centennial Village Museum

History buffs, this one’s for you. Step back in time at the Centennial Village Museum and see what life was like over 150 years ago when settlers came to the Colorado high plains region. It has over 35 historical buildings and costumed interpreters sitting on over eight acres of land.

10. Bike Along the Poudre River Trail

Photo by David RB Martin on UnsplashPhoto by David RB Martin on Unsplash

Grab your bike and ride along the scenic Cache la Poudre River. There are several trails that you can take, all for different levels of riders. But the full trail is 21 miles long and stretches from Greeley to Windsor.

All in all, there’s a lot to do in Greeley. But one of our favorite parts of the town is working with its citizens. If you’re in need of portable storage, get in touch! The Box Portable Storage offers short- and long-term storage solutions in the Broomfield and Greeley areas. You can request a free quote online or call (970) 800-3807. One of our local team members will respond within 24 hours and will work to provide you with the best storage option based on your needs.

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