9 Moving Tips, According to a Local Colorado Realtor

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Moving is no easy feat. If you’re a new homeowner, there’s a lot on your to-do list, from searching for the right home to the actual move-in. Here at The Box Portable Storage, we can help you move and store your belongings. But, a good realtor will be there to walk you through each step in the buying process, so you can move those belongings into the home of your dreams.

The first step in the moving process is, of course, finding the right home. You should make sure a house will work for as long as you plan to own it, explains Rod Fishkin, a Licensed Real Estate Broker on The Fishkin Team at Keller Williams Realty Northern Colorado.

“It may suit your needs today, but families grow, health/mobility can change, and jobs change,” he says. “Since most people move every 8–10 years, find a house that works well today and will continue to meet your needs in the future.”

And once you’ve found that home, you’ll need to start packing up your things and moving them in. Keep reading for more of Fishkin’s moving tips, whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned relocator.

1. Get Organized

Have a garage sale, schedule a pickup with somewhere like the Salvation Army or toss away items you don’t want to take with you to your new home. “You have more stuff than you think, so donate, sell or throw away as much as possible before packing,” Fishkin says.

2. Pack Right

Use small boxes for heavy items like books, and bigger boxes for the lighter items like throw pillows and bedding. Unpacking will be easier if you remember to label your boxes, too. “Label boxes with one, the contents, so you know what’s in them, and two, what room in the new house the box should go into on moving day,” Fishkin recommends.

3. Work With The Right People

When it comes to moving insurance, “discuss that and any high-value or fragile items with the moving company,” Fishkin says. And of course, “Work with a reputable, bonded and insured mover.”

4. Don’t Forget the Details


You’ll also want to remember to let your movers (or portable storage company) know about any changes to the closing date of your new home, he says.

5. A Few Notes For Before the Move

Fishkin recommends changing the locks, painting, and refinishing any floors before you move your stuff in. Keep in mind: “Do not move any personal items into your new home before the purchase and closing is complete (unless you have a written agreement with the seller).”

6. Pack a “Go-Bag” For Moving Day


You should have some cleaning supplies readily available for moving day. Unless you’ve had your home professionally cleaned pre-moving, you may want to wipe it down or clean after the movers have traipsed through with their shoes on.

Fishkin also recommends that you “pack a change of clothes, some snacks, medications and essential toiletries to bring with you (not on the moving truck), so you don’t need to search through all the boxes for urgently needed items.”

7. Be Patient With Yourself

“Unpacking can seem endless,” Fishkin says, “so work through one room at a time so your progress is visible.” This will help keep you motivated and make you feel more accomplished.

8. Don’t Forget to Change ALL The Locks

One thing new homeowners tend to forget: “If their new mailbox is in a cluster (not on their house) many people forget to take their Deed to the Post Office and request that their mailbox get re-keyed.”

9. You Should Be Proud of Yourself

And finally, “Pause, take a deep breath, and look around — your hard work and savings have paid off. So, congratulate yourself on accomplishing something big and very important,” Fishkin says.

And a Few Moving Tips of Our Own…

As for our own moving tips: The Box Portable Storage offers long and short-term portable storage solutions, which can help with the packing process. We recommend having one of our storage containers delivered one to three weeks before your move so you can take your time packing it up. When you’re ready, we’ll take the container to your new space. Then, you can take your time unpacking each box. The container can give you some extra space as you pack and unpack, too.

Contact us for a free quote by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 970-800-3807. With the right people on your team and the right tools at your side, moving will be less stressful.

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