The Best Tips For Packing a Portable Storage Container

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So, you’ve decided to get a portable storage container? Good for you! Once you’ve scheduled your container’s delivery, the next step is to prepare your items and pack the container.

You can hire a professional moving company to pack up your things and move them into the container for you, but plenty of people actually opt to do this part on their own. For one, you’ll save tons of money going the DIY route. But secondly, it’s not that difficult once you have a plan.

Take these tips for packing a portable storage container to create your own foolproof packing checklist. Whether you choose to fill up your container gradually over a week or you decide to do it all in one day, these tips can help you do it right.

The key is to pack your items tightly and securely so they don’t shift. Remember, a portable storage container will be lifted and driven from one location to another. Anything fragile should be packed and wrapped tightly and never placed on the bottom of the unit.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact The Box Portable Storage anytime. Our goal is to make storage and moving easier. Whether we take your container to your new home or store it at one of our storage facilities in Greeley or Loveland, we have your back.

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Nonetheless, check out these seven tips for packing your items securely and keeping them safely stored in a portable storage container.

1. Use All The Same-Sized Boxes

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from PexelsPhoto by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

You’ve probably heard that you should pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes. However, if you use all similar-sized boxes, it’s much easier to stack your boxes evenly and eliminate any leftover space.

Although, when packing heavy items into big boxes, make sure not to overload them. You can fill the boxes halfway with your things and stuff the rest with packing paper, blankets or bubble wrap. This way your items won’t shift too much when the storage container is moved, and the boxes won’t be too heavy to carry later on. (You should also reinforce the bottoms and tops of boxes with plenty of tape.)

2. Stack Heavy Items on The Bottom, Light on Top

This may seem obvious, but remember to place heavier items on the bottom of the storage container and lighter items on the top. Try your best to evenly distribute the weight as well to reduce the amount of shifting that may take place when moving your container.

3. Pack Boxes Vertically From Back to Front

Photo by SHVETS production from PexelsPhoto by SHVETS production from Pexels

To maximize your space, you should start packing the container by building a vertical wall with your boxes in the back. Then, gradually work your way towards the front. If you have any space between the top of the container and your top box, you can stuff it with cushioning foam or packing pads. Remember, a sturdy wall of boxes is less likely to shift.

Of course, packing vertically from back to front will also give you plenty of room to move around the container without stepping over boxes as you finish packing.

4. Use Straps to Secure Heavy Items

The Box Portable Storage’s containers include straps to secure your items. Tie them to your especially heavy things — like furniture, appliances, or even boxes — to keep them in place. Along with a tight-packing job, the straps can help hold your things more securely when picking up and dropping off your portable storage container.

5. Disassemble Furniture If Possible

If you’re able to disassemble any furniture, it could help you prevent any scratching or marks during the move. However, it could also save you tons of space. Bulky furniture like kitchen tables, dining chairs, and beds are easier to move and pack when they’re laid flat in a box.

6. Pack Your Most Important (or Most Used) Items Last

Photo by Blue Bird from PexelsPhoto by Blue Bird from Pexels

If you’re moving, pack any important items last including sheets, towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. If you’re going to need anything right away, it will be sitting at the front of the storage container when you open the doors. (Pro tip: Pack these items in your suitcases to make rolling them into a new home even easier.)

With that said, you should also label all of your boxes. This will make unpacking much easier and faster.

7. Add Moisture Absorbers To Prevent Mold

It doesn’t matter if you’re storing your items in a dry or wet and humid climate, it’s never a bad idea to add a moisture absorber to the container. These usually cost less than $15 and can help prevent mold and mildew from growing on your wood furniture or boxes. While you may not absolutely need an absorber, it’s better to play it safe and add at least one in.

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There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving your stuff into portable storage. However, leave the hard stuff up to us. The Box Portable Storage will take care of the pickup, the drop-off and the actual storing. All you need to do is pack! And with these packing tips, we’re confident that you can do it.

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